UGA Defense – Stripping the Ball

I’ve been pretty excited to see what Pruitt and his coaching staff would bring to the UGA defense this year. After reading this quote, I like what I’m hearing –

“I’m seeing more team unity, I’m seeing a lot more of guys hustling to the ball and I think that’s the biggest improvement you’ll see in the defense this year. You’ll see a defense with a lot more attitude and a lot more effort,” Mason said. “One thing they really teach is stripping the ball; one guy will hold (the ball carrier) up and the next guy will come in and strip it. They’ve caused a lot of fumbles in practice and they caused some today. That’s definitely a difference that I see in this staff from the last one. Every chance they get they get they’re teaching them to strip the ball.”

We’ve been reading a ton this summer about Pruitt and the way he coaches defense (fundamentals, creating turnovers, simple defensive schemes, ect). Not to say there won’t be growing pains here or there, but I think we are going to see something special this year.


Armchair QB

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Georgia Picks Up WR Transfer Charlie Hegedus

You may have missed this under all the Tray Matthews talk – Charlie Hegedus announced he has transferred from NC State and will be a WR walk-on for the Dawgs. Here is more from – 

A former standout at Lassiter (Ga.) High School, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Hegedus was a star on the combine circuit. He had interest from quite a few SEC programs — including UGA — but the SEC offers weren’t there, which puzzled many analysts at the time.

Hegedus said he delayed signing two years ago by 90 minutes to see if there was a late offer coming from Georgia.

“My heart has always been at Georgia,” he said. “I wanted a chance to come back home and play for the home state and to play in this offense they run.

I followed Charlie’s recruitment closely (I am a LHS Alumn you know :)) and I was surprised he didn’t get offered from UGA in 2012. The kid has great hands, speed and can contribute right away for the bulldogs.

Barton Simmons, Director of Scouting for 247Sports: “Coming out of high school, I thought Charlie Hegedus was one of the real steals of the entire class of 2012. The kid had great ball skills, good size and he could really run. That was the piece that a lot of people didn’t realize. He can go. With the addition of Hegedus to the Georgia roster, they’re getting an instant contributor and a blue-collar type of kid. He’ll catch balls in traffic. He can make plays on the outside. He’s just a solid, complete wide receiver.”

Sounds like we have another Michael Bennett. This works out great for the Dawgs since we’ll get a capable reciever that will be here for 2 seasons (We lose a ton of WR’s after this season). Also with all the injuries we had last year this doesn’t hurt a bit.


Here’s his highlight video


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UGA secondary..time to Panic?

Well this might be the most DRAMATIC offseason at UGA that I can remember in a long time. We fired Todd Grantham & co, hired a “better” defensive coordinator/recruiter in Pruitt, witnessed Checkgate and we watched a ton of players transfer (mainly on the defensive side). However, don’t freak out just yet Dawg Fans. I’d like to show you why the Dawgs still have a fighting chance for good season. Let’s look at who we lost first –

  1. Shaq Wiggins – Attitude Problems/Arrested/Problems with new coaching Staff – Transferred to Louisville
  2. Josh Harvey Clemons – S – Weed Problems/Team rules/Suspended twice… Transferred to Lousiville
  3. Uriah Lemay –WR – Check Gate/lack of playing time – Left the Team
  4. Paris Bostick- LB – Lack of Playing Time – Transferred to Iowa Western Community College.
  5. Shaq Fluker – S – Medical Problems. Never Played – Transferred Jacksonville State
  6. De’andre Johnson – DL – Health Issues
  7. Tray Matthews – S – Attitude Problems/Arrested/Problems with new coaching Staff – Looking at Auburn or Lousiville
  8. Lemay – QB – Lack of Playing time – Transferred Jacksonville State

I might have left some players off, but as you can tell we have lost some defensive players with game day experience. However, we weren’t the best secondary last year were we? Yes, it hurts to lose Clemons and Matthews (Shaq was never that good IMO) because of their pure talent, but let’s not forget those two both helped Auburn win that game last year… Who is left and why should we have hope? I know you have read this countless times, but Pruitt started true freshmen in the secondary at FSU and check out their numbers. They played fast and their hits were nasty! With that said, let’s look at who Pruitt has to work with –

  • Damian Swann (Sr- CB)
  • Reggie Wilkerson (RS Fr. CB)
  • Shattle Fenteng (#1 JUCO CB)
  • Malkom Parrish (4* incoming Fr – CB)
  • Devin Bowman (Rs Fr. CB)
  • Shaquille Jones (incoming Fr – CB)
  • Tristan Askew (walk-on)
  • Aaron Davis (walkon)
  • Dominick Sanders (incoming Fr – CB)
  • Tramel Terry (WR Last yr converted to Safety)
  • Kennar Johnson (Rs. Juco S/CB)
  • Sheldon Dawson (Jr CB)
  • JJ Green (Moved from RB to Safety)
  • Lucas Redd (walkon)
  • Corey Moore (Safety)
  • Quincy Mauger (Safety)

The secondary doesn’t have to be championship caliber for us to win games this year. At safety, there is still Corey Moore and Quincy Mauger (14 starts combined last season). Green worked at safety some in spring too Kennar Johnson practiced some at safety too. Walk-on Lucas Redd — a senior – made first team reps a few times this spring (Remember Connor Norman??). It may be a little sloppy at first, but I think Pruitt can turn this group around. Add in the fact Georgia will have a great defensive line and an offense with firepower and you have a little more room for optimism.

What are your thoughts on the secondary?


Armchair QB

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Will the Real UGA Fan Please Stand Up?

SEC tourney kicked off last night and I was a little surprised with two things –

  •  The Vandy v. Miss State outcome.
  • Auburn fired their head coach last night…they must have had the press release ready before they even stepped foot in the dome!

I’ve been reading on twitter, rivals and other sites where fans say things like

  • “UGA Basketball team will be disappointed with the turnout for this Friday’s game at the dome.
  • “We’ll have less fans there than we have at the Steg”
  • “There will be more blue than red there”

I for one will be going since it’s right down the road from me, but I’m curious to see how many will show up. Just for fun I’ve put a poll up  to see how many UGA fans will be at Friday’s game. Feel free to share this!


– Armchair QB

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UGA’s Path to a SEC Tournament Championship

Thought I’d take a stab at predicting who would win the SEC Basketball Championship this year and man was that last UGA win at LSU HUGE.  Had they lost, they would be a #4 seed would likely play Arkansas on Friday. Instead they will get either Vandy or Ole Miss.

Why UGA can win the tourney – IF Vandy beats Ole Miss they will have played 2 straight games and their legs should be a little tired. That’s the first game UGA will play and I think they will beat Vandy (Yes they lost to Vandy earlier in the year but they had some injuries). Next up would most likely be Kentucky in the bracket and I think UGA has a good chance of beating these guys. If Alabama pulls the upset then that works out better since UGA has beat them this year.

So what makes me think UGA can beat Florida and win the tourney? Florida may be a #1 seed, but they face tougher competition. Florida will most likely play Mizzou first and then Tennessee. I think that Tennessee game will be a tough one for the Gators, but they should still win. With UGA playing Vandy and then Kentucky/Bama I think they stand a chance against Florida.

Should be a fun tourney this year and I’ll be at the game Friday to cheer on my Dawgs. What do you think? Does Georgia go all the way or do they stumble?


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Green going Green

First, it’s nice to be back up and running. After that Auburn td grab against UGA it was a little tough to motivate myself to write. Add in the holidays and losing to Nebraska and you get a dormant blog for a while….my apologies.

Second, I dont have anything new on who will be the next UGA Defensive Coordinator, but I’m very excited to see who we will get. Lots of buzz out there and a poster on rivals, who has some pretty good sources, said “UGA will hire Kirby Smart”…take that with a grain of salt, but if it pans out 2014 will be an exciting one to watch.

Let’s get to the Green story though –

University of Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham has been arrested and released in an incident police say is tied to marijuana.

This is an interesting story to keep an eye. One of Mizzou’s star wide receiver’s in trouble for a second time. Will Missouri suspend him a couple of games since this is his second offense?? Probably not because he is not at Georgia, but if they did I dont think it would matter since their first 3 games are against South Dakota State/Toledo and UCF. What are your thoughts? Does he get suspended? Take the poll below – 


Armchair QB

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Mizzou or USC in the East?

Wow that Muschamp poll this past Monday got a lot of good responses. No surprise there is the rift between dawg fans on who should be the DC, but it was fun to see how the numbers were so close. Keep Grantham was ahead by just a few votes..We’ll see what happens there.

I’d like to set up another poll to see who you guys want to see win the East. Do you want the newbies in the East (Mizzou) or Old Ball Coach to win the East? I’d rather see Mizzou win out and go to the Dome than those gamecocks. Let’s open up the polls!


Armchair QB 

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Gurley does his best Moreno Impression

Check out the photo below! Can’t wait to see what Gurley and Co. do next year. The offense will be stacked.

gurley moreno leap


You dont teach that…



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Muschamp as DC?

Ga Southern beat out the boys from the swamp…it can’t get any better than that! Before you go and say well Florida had a ton of injuries, so did GA Southern (19 in fact). A ton of fans want to see Muschamp become our the Dawgs new Defensive Coordinator, but his stout defense gave up 429 total yds of offense (all rushing!!).

I’m just curious to see what you all think now. Do you still want Boomer as our new DC? If not comment on who you want in as the DC (That can include keeping Grantham around for one more year). My opinion: Let’s either keep Grantham or replace him after Tech, but Boomer is not on my list.


Armchair QB

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Murray Deserved Better – ACL tear

Wow this just adds insult to injury –

Seth Emerson ‏@SethEmerson29m

Aaron Murray has an ACL tear and will have surgery on Tuesday, his mother has posted on social media.

Every Georgia skill-position starter, and three of their top backups, from the season opener has missed at least one game with an injury.

ACL tears: Aaron Murray, Malcolm Mitchell, Keith Marshall, Justin Scott-Wesley. Multiple games missed: Gurley, Bennett, Conley, Rome.

2013 will go down as one of the most injury ridden teams I think we have ever witnessed. I pray we dont lose anymore.

So sad to hear it’s an ACL tear for Murray. The guy played his heart out for the team and is a leader. Murray deserved better…


Armchair QB

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