UGA vs. UF 2013 – 8 Min’s of Hell and Celebration

Just now getting around to this blogging thing. I was in Jacksonville for the game and I think I know where im getting my grey hairs from – GA Football games. A win is a win and if you look closely Georgia was pretty much in control of that game. If you take out that Lynch dropped lateral I think the game isn’t that close (Plus if he actually holds on to that ball he is gone for major yardage if not a TD). Below are my observations of the 8 min drive to seal the deal –

  • The run by Todd Gurley to barely get the first down should have been no gain (If Bennett makes his block Gurley easily get the first down). It’s amazing though what Gurley can do and so glad we had him in that game.
  • Rhett Mcgowan – not only had a great game, but was huge in those last few minutes. He made a first down grab to get us to our own 40 and he also made a great catch and run to get the first down at the UF 30 to pretty much close the game out

  • Brendan Douglas comes in when Gurley went out and gets to the UF 40. That made me smile. The OL gave him a great hole to run through and he held onto the ball!

What happened in the last 2 min was insane and UF players were lucky they weren’t thrown out. I know we had our own guys in the mix arguing, but the late shoves and the shoves after taking a knee were inexcusable.


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