Chris Wilson and that sneaky Rush Defense

I was looking at the stats today and noticed Georgia’s rush defense –

Georgia is 3rd in the SEC in yards per carry at 3.67 yards per carry and the team is 4th in yards per game with 137.75 yards per game.
The improvement from 2012 when the front 7 lost five guys who played a ton of snaps is a testament to the job Chris Wilson has done and how hard that group worked this off season to get better.

The 3.67 yards per carry is .47 yards per game better than last season and the 137.75 is 45 yards per game better than a season ago. All while facing top rushing offenses in Clemson/LSU/USC/Mizzou/Tennessee (all those teams are in the top 50 in rushing).

Now if we could just get that secondary to tighten things up the defense would be pretty darn good. One thing is for certain – Chris Wilson is who we thought we were getting. Could he be the new Defensive coordinator if todd grantham is pushed out or leaves? Time will tell.


ArmChair QB

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