UGA has a chance to do something special – Auburn Special

It’s funny how UGA is considered the underdog here. Yes I know they lost to Vandy (special teams and horrible calls), but their other two losses are to top offenses early on in the season. Do I think Auburn is a good team? Yes, but they are not perfect and can be beat. They really haven’t faced many teams that are balanced on both sides on the ball this year accept to LSU.

I think UGA has something special here and and it’s this: Beat Auburn and not only do they make it 3 years in a row, but they take back the lead in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry (Series Currently Stands at 54-54-8). It’s been a long time since we have been able to say we have the lead! Here is why UGA has a good chance of doing just that –

First the Defensive side

  • Georgia run defense is currently ranked 20th in the nation right now. The two best run defenses, statistically, that Auburn has faced to this point were Mississippi State (34th) (W 24-20) and LSU (51st) (Lost 35-21). Those were also Auburn’s two worst rushing outputs of the season.
  • Auburn’s win against Mississippi State was against an average offense and their only loss on the season came against a LSU team with a good QB. Aaron Murray is currently 6th in total QBR (Mettenberger is 5th)
  • Auburn has only thrown 15 pass attempts in the last two games (7/8vs Arkansas and 3/7vs UT)
  • Grantham is 4-0 against spread/options teams so far.
  • UGA defense is actually holding opponents to less rushing yards than last years team.

The offensive side –

  • Gurley…If he stays healthy the whole game the offense can run on all cylinders. Add in Douglas and I think UGA controls time of possession and keeps Marshall & Co. off the field.
  • Auburn’s defense ranks 11th in the SEC against the pass, while UGA’s offense is 2nd best in the SEC in passing.
  • Conley coming back for practice could be a big boost for a lot of reasons. UGA would finally have a legitimate deep threat again. This could open Bennett/Wooten and the TE’s up more.
  • Offense put up 414 total yards against a good Florida Defense. ( UF is currently 16th in points against this year…they just dont have a good offense).

UGA has to play assignment football here on defense to stop Auburn’s run game. Force them to throw and hopefully get some turn overs. After watching that UT game last weekend, please dont punt to #11. If they do these things and Gurley stays healthy I think UGA wins 31-24. Guess we’ll see soon!



Armchair QB


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2 Responses to UGA has a chance to do something special – Auburn Special

  1. DawgByte says:

    This week sets-up nicely for an upset, but the Dawgs can’t afford any turnovers and they must stop AU on 3rd down. Special Teams have been brutal for us this year, but allowing opposing offenses to move the chains on 3rd down conversions has been an achilles heel.

  2. cheij27 says:

    Byte –

    I agree Special teams has been brutal – in terms of protection and snaps. Our coverage has actually been ok, but lets not punt to Chris Davis or Corey Grant in this game…Nightmares of Honey Badger are starting to reappear. As long as we don’t give up a punt block or have a botched snap though I think Special teams will be fine.

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