Quick Pick Em’s top 10 – Week 12 recap

Well I’d say I did a pretty good job this week (maybe not on the scores, but hey no one is perfect). Let’s take a look –

My picks for the top 10 matchups this week –

  • Bamers (1) vs the other Dogs in the West –  38-17 Bama
  • FSU (2) vs. Syracuse – They would win this one without Winston – FSU wins 45-6
  • Ohio State (3) vs Illinois – Ohio State wins and gets ready for the Michigan game – 45-7
  • Stanford (4) vs. USC – Upset pick here..I think USC sneaks in and wins this one – 23-20
  • Baylor (5) vs Texas Tech – Baylor rolls 56-14
  • Oregon (6) v Utah – Oregon 58-10
  • Auburn (7) v Georgia (25) – UGA pulls out a win 31-27
  • South Carolina (10) v battered Gators – USC 31-7
  1. Bama won 20-7, but that doesn’t surprise me since they had just won against LSU and probably just came out flat. They’ll  be ready for Auburn.
  2. FSU did exactly what I thought they’d do to Syracuse
  3. Ohito State won, but gave up 35 to Illinois? Hmm im sure they would wipe the floor with Bama and FSU (Insert eye roll)
  4. Told you USC would sneak the win and by 3!
  5. Baylor rolls and im beginning to think they are the real deal. They should be in front of Ohio State at least.
  6. Oregon wins easily
  7. UGA once agains breaks my heart into a million pieces…what’s new this year?
  8. USC wins a close one. I was a bit surprised by the score. I thought USC would get some points off turnovers, but hey its the SEC.

So I went 8-1 in my picks in week 12. Let’s see if I can go perfect in week 13.

– Armchair QB




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