The Dreaded Recap – UGA v Auburn

Well that was as painful to watch as the 2005 game…Below are some things I saw in the game.

  • The offensive line is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.
  • I can’t say enough good things about Aaron Murray and company. They played their hearts out in the second half and we could be sitting here today with the lead in the Rivalry 55-54.
  • A ton of fans are saying the last hit on Murray to end the game could have been called targeting. I took a look back at it and I think it could have gone either way honestly. That’s why that rule needs to change.
  • The officiating was horrible for both teams. I saw tons of blatant holds that weren’t called.
  • Auburn fans will claim the Aaron Murray TD on 4th and goal wasn’t a TD, but I think the early fumble that was ruled Auburn’s ball cancels that out. Again the officiating in this game was awful and the SEC really needs to fix this. That’s the kind of game you get when you hire Penn Wagers.. /
  • Mark Richt getting the flag after the fumble..loved it. I’ve never seen him get flagged before. Here is what he said – Mark Richt said he was flagged for saying “You guys are the best officials in the SEC.”
  • Give the Barners credit they have a good running game, but I still don’t see a win against Alabama this year. They gave up 415 yds passing and Bama has a way better Oline than we do.
  • Why did we rush 2 guys on the last play??? Has Grantham not learned anything from this season? Our D line is the only bright spot on the defense and we rushed 2? Shaking my head on that one.
  • Last but not least – Georgia has now allowed 30.2 points per game. That’s on pace for the worst in program history, far surpassing the 25.9 points per game in 2009, the final year of Willie Martinez’s tenure.

It’s amazing how good this team can be when they come out on fire. They only gave up 9 points total in the second half and the offense looked unstoppable. However, the Defense needs some work and some changes on the coaching staff. I think Wilson might move up to DC and bring in some fresh blood. Guess we’ll see after the season is over (If we give up 30+ to Kentucky I think we could see a faster move).

Addressing the blackout – I think Murray deserves it and I am all for it. It’s his last home game as a bulldawg and I hope the fans pack the stadium. I’ll be there in black for this funeral season.


Armchair QB

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