UGA V Kentucky – From the Student Section

Yes you read that right…I infiltrated the student section with an old student i.d. and the view was great. The students showed up early to support Murray and the Seniors in their black attire. It was a nice change of scene to be honest and I wish we did more blackouts. During the warm ups everyone was wondering if the team would be running out in black, but that didn’t happen.

Let’s get to my observations shall we?

  • When the offense is running on all cylinders it is scary good. I think the first drive took just a little over a minute.
  • Aaron Murray will go down as one of the best QB’s we’ve had in the red and black. It was sad to see him hobble off the field and I hope he is ok. Prayers go out to him and his family.
  • However we did get to see the future with Hutson Mason. Hutson went 13-19 for 189 yds passing and a TD. For most of the game he played with the 2nd team offense so I cant wait to see what he looks like with all of the number ones.
  • Gurley is a beast..what’s new
  • The defense looked pretty good and had some nice strips, but it is Kentucky. They did give up a big play, but it was nice to see a complete effort on their part.
  • Rhett McGowan is a damn good dog and made some great catches.
  • How about that TD run by Green? If he adds more weight he could get better between the tackles.
  • Brendon Douglas continues to bruise DB’s.
  • It was a star studded night in Athens. Goldberg was the honorary captain and AJ Green was back for the game. Both received a roar from the crowd.

It was nice to see a game were UGA was in complete control. Hopefully we’ll find out more about Murray. If he cant go Saturday against GT things could get very interesting.


Armchair QB

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