Muschamp as DC?

Ga Southern beat out the boys from the swamp…it can’t get any better than that! Before you go and say well Florida had a ton of injuries, so did GA Southern (19 in fact). A ton of fans want to see Muschamp become our the Dawgs new Defensive Coordinator, but his stout defense gave up 429 total yds of offense (all rushing!!).

I’m just curious to see what you all think now. Do you still want Boomer as our new DC? If not comment on who you want in as the DC (That can include keeping Grantham around for one more year). My opinion: Let’s either keep Grantham or replace him after Tech, but Boomer is not on my list.


Armchair QB

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16 Responses to Muschamp as DC?

  1. PlatoDawg says:

    Anybody is a better look than Todd Grantham….how about any one of the 77 DCs who have a lower defensive scoring average?There is no way in hell UGA should be ranked 78th in scoring defense…ever.

  2. PlatoDawg says:

    The best ranking for UGA in scoring defense under Grantham in the SEC,has been 5th,ironically this happened in his first season in 2010.The guy is overrated

  3. J-Dawg96 says:

    This is who the DAWGS need to go after…I say back up the truck…

  4. RobDawg says:

    I think it’s interesting that Grantham staying is leading in the poll. That’s how I responded. Good to see that realistic and knowledge fans and not knee jerk bandwagon ones are participating. Making wholesale changes will set us back for years. Let’s commit to this team and support them as they work hard with this young talent.

    • PlatoDawg says:

      That’s what folks said about Willie after his 4th season too…how did that turn out?Grantham’s D has surrendered more 30 pt games in 4 years than Martinez had in 5.What is so special about Todd Grantham?

      • Tripp says:

        Willie took over a defense in much better shape. I’m not crazy about Grantham, but I’ve seen moments of brilliance. I think next year is the year to judge him on.

  5. jim says:

    I think Grantham has had enough time to put a good product on the field. We looked good on D against Kentucky but they are not much to judge by. It will be interesting to see how we defense Tech. A poor defensive effort comparable to, say, Auburn and Grantham should be shown the door. I am not baseing my opinion on this season but rather the total results of the past
    4 years. I cannot imagine anyone being satisfied with Grantham’s total body of work.

  6. Steven GibBS says:

    You guys have to realize that playing 17-18 year olds in a complex NFL scheme, there will be growing pains. Am i saying Grantham is the best? No. But he recruited these players and he should be the one coaching them in the scheme they.were brought in for. Sheldon Dawson, JHC,Tray Matthews, and the whole defensive line have stepped up from the beginning of the season.If tries to gauge NFL interest again this year, just let him leave, otherwise, let’s see how he does with more than a year with these new players. People will also point to last season, but with the players we had out, the chemistry was off. Plus, we still were top 20 it the nation in scoring defense.

    • cheij27 says:

      You are right there are times of brilliance, but there are more times where im throwing my hands up in the air. Like when we rush 2 guys and sit one back against Auburn…. I’m personally on the fence with him. Do we blame a young defense? Do we blame the coordinator? Knowing he had a young defense, should he have dumbed down the play calls to help with this?

  7. fatman48 says:

    With the abundance of talent that the “DAWGS” have had, have now, and have over the next few years is clear that the 3-4 is not the way to go, is it to complicated ?, I don’t know, I know it has not worked in the past, and its not working now, so why not go back to the 4-3. I wonder what Irk Russell or coach BVG did to motivate the defense, but it worked…. Or maybe a different D.C. would better utilize the 3-4, because the “DAWGS” should not be giving up that many yards or points. I’m just sayin’ “GO DAWGS” GATA

  8. Dukes says:

    Boom is not an option. He ALWAYS loses the cocktail party. You don’t want that on your team, if you’re Georgia.

    Grantham had a horrible go at it this year. The majority of that was due to pass coverage. You have to ask yourself if the DBs improved over the course of the year. I say they did. Still, they aren’t great yet. There’s a lot of months between November and September. That’s a lot of time to get better. There’s less months between September and November. So, it would stand to reason that the guys will do more improving before next season than they have during this season.

    Whether Grantham stays or not, we’ll need better DB play next year. Question – is Lakatos earning HIS check?

  9. Swanguardt says:

    Give him1 more year get a new DB coach that can recruit and see how that works out.Our DB’s are pathetic but you never hear how bad the DB coach is nor do you ever see where he is bring in a top- notch prospect.

  10. PlatoDawg says:

    Have you guys looked at our roster?We could reasonably lose 10 guys to the NFL next year…7 guys will be seniors…JHC,Floyd,Jenkins and Bailey could all leave too.Then what?We will be young for another 2-3 years after that?That guy don’t have a clue.

  11. Bigboy says:

    Grantham didn’t inherit any talent?That’s funny, because most of the guys that started for him for the previous 3 seasons, were already in Athens when he got the job.Recruited by Willie.What he hasn’t shown so far, is whether or not HE can really recruit or coach the players that HE recruited.

  12. Thomas Brown UGA says:

    That was my idea.

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