Mizzou or USC in the East?

Wow that Muschamp poll this past Monday got a lot of good responses. No surprise there is the rift between dawg fans on who should be the DC, but it was fun to see how the numbers were so close. Keep Grantham was ahead by just a few votes..We’ll see what happens there.

I’d like to set up another poll to see who you guys want to see win the East. Do you want the newbies in the East (Mizzou) or Old Ball Coach to win the East? I’d rather see Mizzou win out and go to the Dome than those gamecocks. Let’s open up the polls!


Armchair QB 

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3 Responses to Mizzou or USC in the East?

  1. Kdawg says:

    I don’t think it totally matter because either will be destroyed by Alabama. If you had a vote for neither I’d have taken that. It’s hard to see the newbie go in just their second year, and personally I don’t think they’re that good, but I’d hate to see USC even more.

  2. Dawg man says:

    Alabama will struggle to beat Mizzou. They don’t match up well with those big receivers. Alabama will beat sc by maybe 10 points. Alabama hasn’t beaten Auburn yet though. Lots of people thought they would destroy uga last year….didn’t happen.

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