Green going Green

First, it’s nice to be back up and running. After that Auburn td grab against UGA it was a little tough to motivate myself to write. Add in the holidays and losing to Nebraska and you get a dormant blog for a while….my apologies.

Second, I dont have anything new on who will be the next UGA Defensive Coordinator, but I’m very excited to see who we will get. Lots of buzz out there and a poster on rivals, who has some pretty good sources, said “UGA will hire Kirby Smart”…take that with a grain of salt, but if it pans out 2014 will be an exciting one to watch.

Let’s get to the Green story though –

University of Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham has been arrested and released in an incident police say is tied to marijuana.

This is an interesting story to keep an eye. One of Mizzou’s star wide receiver’s in trouble for a second time. Will Missouri suspend him a couple of games since this is his second offense?? Probably not because he is not at Georgia, but if they did I dont think it would matter since their first 3 games are against South Dakota State/Toledo and UCF. What are your thoughts? Does he get suspended? Take the poll below – 


Armchair QB

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