UGA’s Path to a SEC Tournament Championship

Thought I’d take a stab at predicting who would win the SEC Basketball Championship this year and man was that last UGA win at LSU HUGE.  Had they lost, they would be a #4 seed would likely play Arkansas on Friday. Instead they will get either Vandy or Ole Miss.

Why UGA can win the tourney – IF Vandy beats Ole Miss they will have played 2 straight games and their legs should be a little tired. That’s the first game UGA will play and I think they will beat Vandy (Yes they lost to Vandy earlier in the year but they had some injuries). Next up would most likely be Kentucky in the bracket and I think UGA has a good chance of beating these guys. If Alabama pulls the upset then that works out better since UGA has beat them this year.

So what makes me think UGA can beat Florida and win the tourney? Florida may be a #1 seed, but they face tougher competition. Florida will most likely play Mizzou first and then Tennessee. I think that Tennessee game will be a tough one for the Gators, but they should still win. With UGA playing Vandy and then Kentucky/Bama I think they stand a chance against Florida.

Should be a fun tourney this year and I’ll be at the game Friday to cheer on my Dawgs. What do you think? Does Georgia go all the way or do they stumble?


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