Will the Real UGA Fan Please Stand Up?

SEC tourney kicked off last night and I was a little surprised with two things –

  •  The Vandy v. Miss State outcome.
  • Auburn fired their head coach last night…they must have had the press release ready before they even stepped foot in the dome!

I’ve been reading on twitter, rivals and other sites where fans say things like

  • “UGA Basketball team will be disappointed with the turnout for this Friday’s game at the dome.
  • “We’ll have less fans there than we have at the Steg”
  • “There will be more blue than red there”

I for one will be going since it’s right down the road from me, but I’m curious to see how many will show up. Just for fun I’ve put a poll up  to see how many UGA fans will be at Friday’s game. Feel free to share this!


– Armchair QB

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