UGA secondary..time to Panic?

Well this might be the most DRAMATIC offseason at UGA that I can remember in a long time. We fired Todd Grantham & co, hired a “better” defensive coordinator/recruiter in Pruitt, witnessed Checkgate and we watched a ton of players transfer (mainly on the defensive side). However, don’t freak out just yet Dawg Fans. I’d like to show you why the Dawgs still have a fighting chance for good season. Let’s look at who we lost first –

  1. Shaq Wiggins – Attitude Problems/Arrested/Problems with new coaching Staff – Transferred to Louisville
  2. Josh Harvey Clemons – S – Weed Problems/Team rules/Suspended twice… Transferred to Lousiville
  3. Uriah Lemay –WR – Check Gate/lack of playing time – Left the Team
  4. Paris Bostick- LB – Lack of Playing Time – Transferred to Iowa Western Community College.
  5. Shaq Fluker – S – Medical Problems. Never Played – Transferred Jacksonville State
  6. De’andre Johnson – DL – Health Issues
  7. Tray Matthews – S – Attitude Problems/Arrested/Problems with new coaching Staff – Looking at Auburn or Lousiville
  8. Lemay – QB – Lack of Playing time – Transferred Jacksonville State

I might have left some players off, but as you can tell we have lost some defensive players with game day experience. However, we weren’t the best secondary last year were we? Yes, it hurts to lose Clemons and Matthews (Shaq was never that good IMO) because of their pure talent, but let’s not forget those two both helped Auburn win that game last year… Who is left and why should we have hope? I know you have read this countless times, but Pruitt started true freshmen in the secondary at FSU and check out their numbers. They played fast and their hits were nasty! With that said, let’s look at who Pruitt has to work with –

  • Damian Swann (Sr- CB)
  • Reggie Wilkerson (RS Fr. CB)
  • Shattle Fenteng (#1 JUCO CB)
  • Malkom Parrish (4* incoming Fr – CB)
  • Devin Bowman (Rs Fr. CB)
  • Shaquille Jones (incoming Fr – CB)
  • Tristan Askew (walk-on)
  • Aaron Davis (walkon)
  • Dominick Sanders (incoming Fr – CB)
  • Tramel Terry (WR Last yr converted to Safety)
  • Kennar Johnson (Rs. Juco S/CB)
  • Sheldon Dawson (Jr CB)
  • JJ Green (Moved from RB to Safety)
  • Lucas Redd (walkon)
  • Corey Moore (Safety)
  • Quincy Mauger (Safety)

The secondary doesn’t have to be championship caliber for us to win games this year. At safety, there is still Corey Moore and Quincy Mauger (14 starts combined last season). Green worked at safety some in spring too Kennar Johnson practiced some at safety too. Walk-on Lucas Redd — a senior – made first team reps a few times this spring (Remember Connor Norman??). It may be a little sloppy at first, but I think Pruitt can turn this group around. Add in the fact Georgia will have a great defensive line and an offense with firepower and you have a little more room for optimism.

What are your thoughts on the secondary?


Armchair QB

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