UGA Defense – Stripping the Ball

I’ve been pretty excited to see what Pruitt and his coaching staff would bring to the UGA defense this year. After reading this quote, I like what I’m hearing –

“I’m seeing more team unity, I’m seeing a lot more of guys hustling to the ball and I think that’s the biggest improvement you’ll see in the defense this year. You’ll see a defense with a lot more attitude and a lot more effort,” Mason said. “One thing they really teach is stripping the ball; one guy will hold (the ball carrier) up and the next guy will come in and strip it. They’ve caused a lot of fumbles in practice and they caused some today. That’s definitely a difference that I see in this staff from the last one. Every chance they get they get they’re teaching them to strip the ball.”

We’ve been reading a ton this summer about Pruitt and the way he coaches defense (fundamentals, creating turnovers, simple defensive schemes, ect). Not to say there won’t be growing pains here or there, but I think we are going to see something special this year.


Armchair QB

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